Thursday, January 20, 2011

Honey Bird nesting- burung kelicap madu

Yes...we had two bird nestings last year...and this year..the lovey dovey birds are back for more. It was a surprise and a delight to watch the birds build a nest, then the female lay two eggs, then the birds hatching and then learning to was amazing, I tell you. the whole family was completely enthralled. We followed the nesting till the birds got bigger enough to leave the nest and it was fantastic watching them fly off among the trees. It didn't happen once, but twice..and everyone said wah..such good luck. Well I don't know about that, but I guess as long as everyone is healthy and safe..that's all the luck we need. Now the pair of birds are tweeting again in my little garden and it has set our hearts tingling again. So we are hoping for a third nesting and as they say, third time to read more more about honey birds go to this website:

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Lk Lee said...

by the way it take how many day for the eggs to hatch and days to fly and bye bye to you??
I have this bird in my Yard almost 3 weeks.