Monday, May 10, 2010

Time once gone

Its been more than two mths since I last blogged...let's see...a lot of water has gone under the bridge so they say...well there was Chinese New Year spent rather quietly..just hadnt been gone a year you see, also first day falling on Valentine's day...not so romantic as it sounds. But still it was a good gathering of family members in my eldest brother's house. Of course mum missed dad, so did we all. Anyway, days came and went and soon it was Chap Goh Meh and that too went away...

March came...oh it was eventful, my son got his SPM results..9As out of 11 subjects, not bad at all. Only thing is that wasn't good enough to help him get any scholarship!!!! So he will continue with his Aust-Mat at Sunway University College. Then we 'll take it from there, one step at a time. Good job son, and congratulations.

March also saw MoE's reading program reach its peak. The annual Program NiLAM albeit this time, it could only be held at one of our state branches, in Selangor to be exact and not in a hotel like in previous years. There were the budget cuts and a lot depended on the sponsorships. Thank God for CSR and a few individuals who helped pay for the whole event, like bringing our kids and officers over from Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. Still, the place, accommodation and food were good and the officers, in charge were great. They were there 24/7 for a week. I, myselff was there daily till the weekend. The event culminated in the selection of the best Reader/Tokoh Nilam for both primary and secondary school students. The event took place in the official opening of the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair and graced by our Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister. Congratulations to everyone for making it a success.

I was also involved in a NKRA mini-lab for Education workshop (curriculum) for about three weeks. Wow it was quite an experience. I thank the Director of BTP for giving me this opportunity to learn and be part of a team to improve the present and also new curriculum. It was also wonderful working with so many officers across the board. Now I have friends in almost every division. We hope there will be enough funds for all the projects we came up with...

April was Cheng Beng again...our yearly ritual to Penang to pay our last respects to my parents-in-law. There was the usual family dinner at a restaurant by the beach...not bad, almost everyone came except for our eldest brother-in-law. We all wonder why being the eldest son in the family, he has refused to lead the prayers or family gatherings for the past three years. Guess we will never know... so then it ended with us and two sisters doing the prayers at the gravesite. The half of the six siblings probably went during their own free time. At least we did the trip and did our yearly duty. that much I can say for us.

April 20..came as well. It had been a year since my dad passed on. Wow, time does fly pass us, we haven't still finished mourning yet. For mum, it has been a difficuly year without dad. We try to keep her company but suffice to say, nothing will be the same. We had a church service followed by dinner at a restaurant for family and relatives. Once again it was a gathering of relatives and family bonding. A visit to the grave site the next morning brought back sad memories of a man dearly missed still especially mum who couldn't hold back her tears. Then it was back to pack and hurry back to KL.

Now that May is's been hectice as well. Our sector was in charge of the Monthly Staff Assembly and well it was good. Congratulations to all the staff for a job well done. Then it was Happy Mother's Day yesterday. Here's wishing all mums a happy and great year ahead. Come 16 May, it will be Teacher's Day. A day to remember all our teachers and remind ourselves of our responsibilities as educators and moulders of the next generation of workers and leaders in the country.

Whatever occasion, whatever the it happy or sad, all that came to pass. Time spent cannot be undone. All our experiences stored and etched oin our hearts and minds. Everyday is a new day..Today is the Tomorrow you spoke of Yesterday. Time is after all what you have, how you will spend it depends upon you, whether you sleep it off, whether you spend it at work, with family, with friends is entirely up to you. Just don't regret it, don't let time be your master, control your much time you want to sleep, eat, drink, write, read,'s all up to you. So remember, be at ease with one day at a time, make someone happy, help someone, smile, lend a ear, do all you can to brighthen someone else's day, for tomorrow might not come and you may not have the time to tell someone how you much you love do it today...have a good one ya! Cheers!