Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another year older....

After a couple of months of silence, what's bee n happening in my life? Come to think of it, lots of things...some positive, some negative...guess that's life!

Let's reminincse...
Mum was warded again for a spell of bleeding...luckily this time round, it wasn't as serious as the previous one which required her to stay in the ICu for a few days. But still, her condition has been putting us at edge for a while now, if putting it lightly, our lives as eldest bro having to postpone his attendance at two international events cos he was worried about mum's condition. Well, surface t0 say we hope she will enjoy more years with us. Not that she has much quality in life at the moment, as the pain from her joints restrict her movements greatly and enjoying the pleasantries life has to offer. We all pray for the best and try to keep her comfortable as best as we can. Mum just celebrated her 79th birthday a few days ago. Wow, what can I say? She is as alert mentally and emotionally as she was when she was younger, her only disability are her movements...other than that, mum is Ms Know it All. guess that keeps her mind active and alive. Thank God for that!

As for family, how the kids have grown. My jenny is already in her third year at NUS and is fully into learning on the job at the various hospitals she is and will be attached to. her experiences have so far been both exciting and challenging. And she says to me constantly, "Mum, there are so many sick people around. Mum, there are so many abandoned old folks at the hospitals. Mum, a doctor's life is really all work and no play". Her forte however, has been the fact that she is strong mentally and responsible. She can speak three main languages well, English, Malay and Mandarin and several dialects and that really helps in her communication with the different patients she meets everyday. Good job, Jenny and I sincerely hope she takes care of herself too. As a mother, i constantly remind her to take her multivits and Brands...he he.

As for the son, well another milestone in our lives, he got his driving license at last and is brave enough to face driving on our crazy Malaysian roads. I tell him, he's got plenty of time to drive and many more years to go, no need to speed with the rest of the speedsters and also road hogs and "whatyoumightcallits", road hogs, road bullies etc. May God Bless him as he traverses through life's journeys and I am sure a big part of it would be driving...Now college, soon university...and soon out of the home nest!

As for my Joanne...well, she will be sweet sixteen next month. Wow, another milestone in our lives. Yesterday, as I was cleaning the store room, I came across a box of albums and so happens it was her baby album. And wow, how she has grown...from a week the beautiful, cute girl she is now. Turning 16, wow, she is turning heads now, but I want her to grow up slowly but surely into a confident, independent girl.

As for my better half, he's so busy. busy, busy...writing speeches, writing papers, presenting name it, he's done that..all the thinking and writing...and the increase in grey hair he's getting each day. Good luck dear!

Now about me, tomorrow I will be 52 years old. Fancy starting this blog when I was 50 and living it!
When I started I was diligent, now as the days and months fly by, I keep putting my thoughts off on print that is. I amde it as point to write this morning as I never know when I can do this again, guess i should make it a point each day before I got so sleep to pen my day. Ya maybe I will do that. Let's see, I got my confrimation for my DG52 post backdated to last year, that's great news, for me anyway. I am still with the same department I was placed in since July last year, management of educational resource centers and materials. As change must come, we are awaiting new instructions by the end of the year. A shift in functions to another government department will see the end perhaps of some major job specs..but come what may, my staff and I will continue to serve our best and allow us to carry on what we know best and do best. there is so much to do than be bothered with petty politiking and gossip. I for one have always told my staff to quit all the jabbering and do our job well...saya yang menurut perintah kan!

An organisation that does well will be an organisation that is united in its vision and mission. Everyone must give 100% commitment, starting from top level management. The people in any organisation are the most important, value your workers and they will value you! take care of your people and they will take care of you.
Yes, we have no time to stand and stare, but we must take time to care. As the saying goes, "people don't care till they know how much you care". My policy: everyone must give her/his best, at work, we are the boss and subordinates, after work, there is time for sharing and laughing. Work however, is work and must be completed and done to the best of our abilities. For this, I would not compromise, no way. So everyone should share the responsibility of bringing up the organisation and not just leave it to others. Trust and honesty should be the slogan of the day as well. If there is no trust, then no one can work in an environment full of uncertainty and fear. I believe we can all make it work and all of us have a role to play if given the chance. As for me, as I always envisage, give my best and do my best.

Ok well, guess that's a lot to say after a couple of months eh. What do I hope for the year to come...greater blessings from God, closer family ties, great friendships, a move towards finishing my studies...gosh that has been my greatest procrastination thus far...wish me luck. Cheers!
happy Birthday to me!