Friday, February 25, 2011

Miri...oh Miri

Miri (pronounced /ˈmɪəriː/) is a city in northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak. It serves as the government administrative centre of Miri District (4,707.1 square kilometers) in Miri Division of Sarawak; the District has a population of about 269,000 (2008).

Miri is the birthplace of Sarawak's and Malaysia's petroleum industry, which remains the major industry of the city. The first oil well was drilled by Shell in 1910 (the Grand Old Lady), and is now a state monument and one of Miri's tourist attractions. Shell also built Malaysia's first oil refinery in Lutong, a suburb of Miri in 1914. Recently, vast oil reserves were discovered just offshore northeast of the city. Miri has grown phenomenally since oil was first discovered in the early 1900s, burgeoning into the business, commercial and educational centre it is today.[1]

The city's other major industries include processed timber, oil palm production, and tourism. The world famous Gunung Mulu National Park with the Sarawak Chamber, a half an hour flight from the city, is one of the favourite eco-tourism destinations. Miri is also the main tourist gateway for the Loagan Bunut National Park, Lambir National Park, and the Niah Caves. Miri is lately known for its exotic coral reefs as well. (Wikipedia)

Yes, we have successfully registered my son at the University of Curtin, Sarawak. We left KL on the 19 February, the day my son turned 19 yrs. Imagine leaving home on your birthday! But i think my son handled it well. We reached Saturday nite and after checking into the Imperial Hotel, we went out to the opposite shop for some dinner. It was ok..similar to KL even the prices so... then it was time to call it a nite. Miri gave us a chance to catch up with my cousin, Raymond who works in Miri. So for the next two days, he was our chauffeur cum tour guide. We managed to get around Miri including a drive to Canada Hills and a view of the Grand ole Lady. It was really nice of him. So Jon went to his room in Curtin Villa and registered for his orientation for his chemical engineering course at the university. listened to some welcome talks and explored the campus..not too big, but guess ok for students who want to study chemical, petroleum or mechanical engineering. We got him some stuff I didn’t manage to bring from home like a pail and some toiletries. The rest I guess he will get when he needs them. I also had the chance to catch up with a colleague I haven’t seen since 2003. It was great to see her and her young family again. Thanks Jannet for the wonderful dinner and chat. Oh yes, and I must add...we had kueh chap...or breakfast one day and lunch the next. Nice..yummy...its hard to find it, only when we are back in JB our hometown, then can we get our favourite breakfast.

Soon, it was time to leave Jon to his weeklong orientation and head for home. It’s kind of sad to leave him behind but we know it’s for his future and we really hope he will make good. That he will make good friends along the way, that the friendships he will make will last the four years and throughout his life, that he will study hard and achieve his dreams and ambitions and we all pray that Curtin is the right choice for him.

Jon, we wish you the best, we are only a phone call away, just msg, email or skype, even just take a flight home whenever you feel like it. Take care and God Bless you always.

Our trip to Miri was the first and it certainly won’t be our last. I am sure we will be seeing lots more of Miri. Plans are afoot to visit the Niah Caves, Mulu national park...Brunei, the to apply for some holidays and book air tickets fast. Any takers?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green fingers you say...

Anyone been growing your own veggies lately/ Well I have...and quite successful too. J

See the fruit of my labour? Nice eh, the plant itself sprouted 5 tomatoes. This being the only tomato plant that survived from many I tried to grow. In the past I had successfully planted baby cherry tomatoes, seeds I got from some tomatoes I bought in Cameron Highlands. This crop gave us some imagine eating the fruit of your labour. Guess some of you have better luck than me. I do have some herbs, pandan, curry leaves and even some mulberry plants a friend gave me in the small patch of garden in front of my house. Other plants are grown in pots. My favourites being the monkey cups which have grown tremendously since I got them also from CH some time back. Have a’d be amazed at what you can grow and nurture in a small plot of land! 'Wish I had more time but for now, its just the weekend I have my fun gardening ...what about you?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have a special Valentine's Day.

Much has been said about celebrating Valentine's Day. Though it started with St Valentine and reminding couples to show their love for one another, modern times show that it has since gone commercial, minus the religious connotation. Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day,is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affectionbetween intimate companions. (wikipedia ). And just like Christmas, shopping malls have made it commercial big time though we Christians observe Christmas as a day of obligation.

Come Valentine's Day tomorrow, lovers and couples will shower each other with heart-shaped gifts, soft toys, flowers and many more to show their love for one another. Others would also buy gifts for their loved ones, friends and family included.
For the rest of us, it would be another day to celebrate life...and show our love for one another.

I guess for me, I would rather enjoy the occasion and lets others celebrate it the way they want it, without any politicising or imposing our values and principles on others. Let people enjoy themselves, enjoy it with their families and loved ones.
I expect there will be weddings and probably some proposals and that would mean a lot to a lot of people. People have special dates to remember and I am sure Valentine's Day will hold some special memories to some people.

So to everyone out there, especially my family and friends, have fun and have a special Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit 2011

CNY came and we are going into the 6th flies...we had a long weekend, for some a one week break. For me I took a day off for the reunion eldest brother and his family played hosts again this year with my sister in law doing the major cooking. I ordered some roasts and that was my contribution for the dinner. My two younger brothers hosted dinner on the 1st day whilst my sister and I pot-lucked for the 2nd day. The 3rd day dinner was also hosted my eldest brother. All in all, it was a good family get-together, of course it's the 2nd year without dad, we all feel his absence especially mum but life goes on ya.The food was great, the company even better, every year, it seems the kids have grown even faster, taller, prettier. more handsome, the parents..ageing well..he he... there was the usual karaoke and gin plus blackjack sessions but it was all done in good faith and everyone had a lot of fun. Mum of course was glad for more company and of course as the weekend drew to a close, she felt teary as usual, since my brothers and their families had to go back to JB and Singapore, including my girl. The rest of us too had to get back to our own homes, get the laundry done and some house hold maid remember!
There was the usual photo ops...yes we got some nice family's one for the road...

We are still enjoying the dinners and get togethers. Come Chap Goh Meh which marks the end of CNY for this year, we have to then get
back into shape and into our sane lives minus the feasting...yaks...thank God I have to do some chores around the house with the maid gone. Exercise is all I need...what with the pains in all my joints, I could do with less weight. So here's to a great year of good health, good results for those sitting for major exams, more promising career and business successes, greater wealth and prosperity for all.
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Nian Nian You Yu. Wan Shi Ru Yi. Shen Ti Jian Kang. Bu Bu Gao Sheng. Sheng Yi Xing Long. Xue Ye Jing Bu. Tian Tian Hao Tian.