Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank God for modern medicine

Hi all,
Great news for us all...and definitely for mum.
Thanks to my brother who managed to get the pain-killer medicine for her..yes. she went in for the procedure a week ago today and walla...the pain she had all these months have been greatly reduced. Now she can stand up and sit down with little or no pain...her knees still hurt and she still has problems walking but most important the pain is incredibly less. Thank God for modern medicine. Now mum is happy and cheerful and that helps us all. She is still lonely...why not dad is not around but at least her days are now almost pain free and that makes us all happy as well.
We hope it lasts but my brother says it will only last for three months and she has to get another injection. Well, until then...we hope mum will be comfortable and less stressed.
Cheers all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi all,
Just updating all... been busy like anything...
For the last few months...moving to a new department, sorting out the sector's workload, the getting the Kem Membaca 1Malaysia ready for the launch. Then it was the Hari Raya celebrations, so things slowed down some what...and before I knew it, the PTK exam came up...just ended last Friday..what a relief! Basically, it was more a mental kind of exercise...getting the tugasan ready, then undergoing the weeklong oral and written evaluation. Phew..what an experience...guess I wont be hitting any more books anytime soon.
Now am busy, getting ready for my presentation at the APEID-UNESCO conference in Hangzhou, China. This is in the middle of the month so busy, busy, busy.
Work at the office continues..I was just making a checklist..and guys at the office..we have almost 30 items on our list to finish before end of the year. Let's get cracking...
To the family...thanks for getting it all together while I have been busy.
Oh yes, i must congratulate my better half for completing his hike up Mt Kinabalu over the weekend. You did it! So for all of you at the 50yr range..get going.
Oh yes, October 25 came and went..that was my late dad's 80th birthday..if he had been alive today. Anyway, we all hold our own special thoughts for him. And yesterday being All Souls day, we were at the cemetery for a visit. This is our yearly visit and a chance for family to get togther and clean the family graves, light some candles and decorate with flowers. Guess this period of time brings out the feeling of mortality in all of us.
As for mum, well, she will be going in for a checkup this week...we hope the doctors can help alleviate the pain she is going through . We pray for the best.