Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple Diet Rules in Fat Loss for Idiots

Guess I have gone through most diet routines in the past and the following caught my eye, no need to pay huge sums to the slimming centers or weight watchers programs. Just use your common sense and soon you'll be on your way...

Fat Loss for Idiots is a special weight loss program that teaches you how to lose weight without a lot of exercise. It says to be 100% effective because it guides you to adopt healthy eating habits that your body has never experienced before and hence you will be able to lose weight quickly.

It includes 10 simple rules that have to be followed if you want to achieve great results. Below are the ten rules and they are just like the 10 commandments to maintain the fast weight loss diet.

1. Meals should be prepared at home – If you want to lose weight easily and in the quickest possible manner then ordering food from a drive-thru or your favorite restaurants is a complete no-no. You will need to prepare your own food at home so that you can get the maximum benefit from the weight loss for idiots diet plan.

2. Drink plenty of water – The Fat Loss for Idiots program promotes the healthy habit of drinking water. Apart from being healthy, water speeds up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight quickly.

3. 4 meals per day – With this diet plan it isn’t the regular 3 meals, but 4 meals per day rule with a prescribed gap of two and a half hours between each meal. This also works towards maximizing you metabolism to achieve that fast fat loss.

4. Cut back on snacks and sweets – It is one thing to have a snack once in a while, but if you overdo it then you are not going to experience any fast fat loss nor will you be able to lose weight quickly. So the key here is to control your ‘snacking’ urge.

5. Shifting calories technique – The Fat Loss for Idiots program is specially designed for people that have a problem burning their calories. It helps them to speed up their metabolism and lose weight quickly, easily and safely.

6. Don’t overeat – Believe it or not, most people eat until they are stuffed and need to unbutton their trousers! Eating till you are full is not a good habit and if you want to follow the Fat Loss for Idiots program then you have to make sure you slow down your eating habits and ensure that you don’t overeat. That’s right slow down your chewing. You will find if you take time to enjoy your meal then you will eat less and feel satiated.

7. No rich gravies or sauces – These may be lip-smacking and absolutely delicious but they are full of calories, bad carbs and fats. Hence stay away from them, use spices instead and you will find that you will lose weight easily.

8. Walk a bit everyday – If you want to lose weight quickly then you can speed up the process by doing some brisk walking everyday. You can start with 5 minutes a day and slowly build it up to 30 minutes. It pays to be committed to healthy lifestyle habit that you can incorporate in your daily routine.

9. Rotating meal plans – This means that if you have a carbohydrate-rich meal one day, you should eat an all protein diet the next day. Easier said then done because my question always was what does this really mean and where do I start. What makes this program such a success as a fast weight loss diet is that it generates the diet menus for you based of food you enjoy.

10. No sodas – This is common sense! Do not drink any types of soft drinks while dieting. They are full of calories.

By Paul A Burnsington .Posted on November 23, 2010 by Enhanced-Life

Interesting, right? So make up your mind today and start dieting the Idiot way...he he. Cheers..have a good week trying it out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God makes it all time.

Often I ask myself, how can anyone take so much? How can any man who has suffered rise up again?

But we do...we can go through so much pain, suffering, injustice, yet we forget and forgive. We go on living, we carry on with our lives, we make new beginnings...we try to forget the past...and live again.

This little poem reminds me of so much...

  • Sometimes God breaks our spirits to save our soul
  • Sometimes God breaks our heart to make us whole
  • Sometimes God sends us pain so we can be stronger
  • Sometimes God allows us failure so we can be humble
  • Sometimes God gives us illness so we can take better care of ourselves
  • Sometimes God takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything
Funny thing though, history repeats itself, do we ever learn from our mistakes...I certainly hope so.
I think we often give ourselves second chances, to be better people, to live our lives better than before...
Here's to living our lives well and praying that God will play fair in the end.
In God we trust!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come 20 April 2011..missing dad for the 2nd year.

How time flies..its been two years since dad's we all miss him especially mum. we all do in our own way, to each his own. We had a reunion of sorts last weekend in JB to commemorate his passing. All five of us and our families with mum went back home to be together and visit dad's grave. It's located in Ulu Tiram and is in a quiet and nice area. we visited on early Sunday morning, bringing flowers and saying a decade of the rosary together lead my my daughter Jenny, saying some prayers in our own way quietly, then leaving after lighting candles on the grave. It's actually a beautiful grave site and is maintained all year round, not alike the older versions of cemeteries of long ago..n0w we have exotic names such as Nirvana, Fairyland etc. It's clean and easy to get to. Unlike the graves of our grandparents and loved ones still buried at older grave sites.

Though it was a short visit home, the family was together. At least for a few days, we forgot about ourselves, our work, our own personal loves to make way for family. I think mum was happy to see us all together again after the CNY. Of course we still missed Julia my sister, she lives in London, but she'll be home at the end of the year so we will be one big happy family again. Our next visit would be during All Souls Day in November. Till then, we will keep dad in our hearts and our prayers always.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rituals of Cheng Beng in Penang 2011

This year, we performed Cheng Beng rituals 1st weekend in April. Of course, as usual only my husband and his two sisters and their respective families performed the rites together. The other siblings wanted to do so in their own time..oh each his own. The nite before the family got together with a dinner at a restaurant, where sons, daughters and grandchildren all gather to share experiences over the last time we all met. It was quite fun actually, the family get-together, and yes,,,dear departed father in law picked up the tab! Yes, he left some money, so every year, we use it to pay for the dinner and all the rituals carried out including the paraphernalia we bought to burn at the graveside. yes, guess dear father-in-law wanted to make sure no one squabbled over money.:)

"CHENG BENG (Old Souls day) is the day the Chinese who practise ancestral worship go to the graves or places of remembrance of their departed to clean up and perform rites of respect and offering. Wiki here. In Penang, there are differences in the practices among families, however, essentially, they involve the following:

  • Preparation: This includes the preparation and compilation of food and beverages (an elaborate one would include rice, a set of sam phuay or dishes, koay or local cakes, boiled meat like whole chicken and pork, boiled eggs, fruit, tea, rice wine and things that the departed used to like -- his favourite cigar, for example), and other essentials like kim chua and gin chua (paper gold and silver folded in the shape of bullions) and prayer material like candles and joss sticks.
  • Cleaning up: Ridding the graves of weeds on or before Cheng Beng day is usually done by the relatives or contracted out, for an annual fee, to people who work in the cemetery. These caretakers could also top up the soil to retain the traditional hump of the Chinese grave, even tek chua (see below).
  • Tek chua: At the start of the ritual, while the food and prayer material are being laid out below the tombstone and at the tay choo kong (“spiritual guardian of the land”) mini altar, relatives would put yellow and plain rice paper, weighed down by pebbles, on the graves or plant colourful flags. Tek chua is literally to “place paper securely under a weight”.
  • Puak puay, communication and other rituals: Two coins are used to communicate with the departed. After everything has been laid out, one of the elder relatives would invite the departed to come over. To know if they have arrived, the relatives would toss and read two coins before the gravestone (head and tail means “yes”, head-head and tail-tail mean “no”). Once their presence has been signaled, joss sticks would be lit. The descendants, two hands clasped over the joss sticks before the gravestone, would communicate whatever they like with their ancestors. After that, they would plant the joss sticks into sand-filled containers. A while later, usually when the joss sticks are half burnt, the ancestors would be asked on their progress of the meal -- also using the coins (head and tail means “yes, we are done with the meal”, head-head means “no” and tail-tail means “we are happy”. This happiness or joy would be attributed by the descendants to some recent event or the presence of some people at the ritual. This use of coins to communicate with the departed is called puak puay.
  • After the meal is over, the kim chua and gin chua would be set on fire and sent to the heavens for the ancestors. The pineapple, symbolising luck (in Hokkien, the pineapple is called ong lai – “ong” means luck, “lai” means come), is then cut into three pieces. The “head” is placed on the tombstone. The “stump” is placed at the other end of the grave. Finally, the skin is shaved off over the grave. The remaining juicy flesh is taken home to be eaten by the family.After the ceremony, the relatives would split up the food, pack up and go for a meal together before going their separate ways".
  • -
Indeed, for us...we had a good lunch before we went back to our respective homes..for was a long journey back to Kl as traffic was heavy...still it's a ritual we carry out each year out of respect for our departed in-laws. Yes, though we are Catholics, we still make sure we and our children respect our ancestors.

Ponder these friends.

A penny for your thoughts...

If you are right then there is no need to get angry and if you are wrong then you don't have any right to get angry....there is no need to get angry.

Patience with family is love,
Patience with others is respect,
Patience with self is confidence
Patience with GOD is faith.

Patience is a virtue so they say...

Never Think Hard about the PAST,
It brings Tears...
Don't Think more about the FUTURE,
It brings Fears...
Live this Moment with a Smile,
It brings Cheers.!!!!

Live today well and leave tomorrow to itself.

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better,
Every problem comes to make us or break us,
The choice is ours whether we become victim or victorious !!!

Choose a life that comforts or choose a life that worries.

Search a beautiful heart not a beautiful face.
Beautiful things are not always good
but good things are always beautiful.

Remember me like a pressed flower in your Notebook.
It may not be having any fragrance
but will remind you of my existence forever in your life.

Do you know, why God created gaps between fingers?
So that someone who is special to you, comes and fills those gaps by
holding your hands forever.


so friends...make time for your friends and loved ones always.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7 Secrets of Slim People

Happier, Healthier You

by Lucy Danziger and the staff at SELF

Ever notice how some women seem to stay slim without ever stressing about missed workouts or counting a single calorie?It seems unfair—and frustrating!—but those ladies might have some secrets the rest of us can steal. Turns out, you don’t have to completely overhaul your diet or exercise regimen to see fast and impressive results on the scale. (Though if you want a great, easy-to-follow plan, register for the Drop 10 Challenge on to lose 10 pounds in just five weeks.) In fact, recent research shows that sometimes it’s little, practically effortless changes to everyday habits that make the pounds fall off fast and forever. Try incorporating some of these simple, science-backed steps into your day-to-day life—it’s your turn to become one of those “naturally” slim lucky few!

Make time for tea
Women with the highest intake of catechins, antioxidants in tea that may accelerate fat burn, gained less weight over 14 years than those who sipped less, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals. White and green brews have the most catechins. Get brewing!

Move your workouts to the morning
Breaking a sweat before you sit down to breakfast can help you trim down faster, a study in The Journal of Physiology finds. Exercising on an empty stomach in the A.M. improves glucose tolerance, which spurs your body to shed fat.

Join the breakfast club
If you don’t already have regular morning meals, it’s time to start: Lifelong early eaters have a waistline about 2 inches smaller than that of breakfast skippers, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals. An A.M. meal may rev metabolism; plus, it may cause you to make less of an enzyme that raises cholesterol.

Savor your food
Eating slowly and steadily can help you stay slim. People who took 30 minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream created more fullness hormones than did those who ate faster, a study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism notes. Whenever you can, ditch distractions like the television while you’re dining so you can concentrate on enjoying the yummy food in front of you.

Become a creature of habit
Eating at the same times every day and could help you drop pounds. When mice ate at scheduled mealtimes and fasted for 12 hours at night, their liver turned ongenes that burned more sugar and fat, say scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. No, we’re not mice, but if something as simple as sitting down to dinner at 7 P.M. every night helps speed weight loss, why not give it a shot?

Start with water
Downing two cups of H2O before meals helped people lose about 5 pounds more than those who said no to water, research from Virginia Tech reveals. Water is filling, so sippers ate 75 to 90 calories less. Enjoy a few cups of water while you prep a meal or before your entrée arrives at a restaurant to effortlessly keep calories in check.

Step on the scale

Dieters who weighed themselves at least weekly lost more weight than those who didn’t, according to research from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Plus, the habit helped non dieters stay at a stable weight. Spotting scale swings early allows you to tweak your eating and exercise routine before pounds can pile up.

So to all of you who have been trying all kinds of diet fads that don't seem to work, perhaps these tips will get you on the right track...