Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving On...

Someone once said, when it's time to leave, you will know when..of course we have to wait for opportunities as well...seize the day they say...well I am glad someone gave me a chance to move on... I am moving on and I do hope to much greener pastures.
I am not afraid of hard work and I believe this new job will entail a lot of work...but I am geared to go and will do my best.

Follow you heart and move on, cos' if you don't move, you will never know what's in store just over the horizon. I will always wonder what if, actually what if I stayed on in the present job with the new bosses, what if I move, could it be better...could my career be better? If you are not happy in your job and feel you are not progressing professionally and personally because of all the hurdles stacked up against have no choice but to move on, so you can have a peaceful rest at night and be happy once again. The road not taken has always fascinated me...

I always wonder what now that I have taken the bold step into the world of sports, I aim to do well and contribute towards making it better. Sports education is indeed an area which has been highlighted much in recent days with the policy of
1 student: 1 sport. I hope to work together with the rest of the team and make sports education enjoyable, flexible and achieve greater heights.

The move has just been one day but at least I know my immediate bosses will let me do my job without fear or favour.