Monday, July 25, 2011

Osteo-arthritis of the knee

Yaks...the pain is and lingering.
That's what my knee felt like last Friday. Suddenly I couldn't move.
Thank God for my colleague who whisked me to the immmediate treatment, a jab to the butt!. even then tat was temporary relief. back home later, the pain came back and has been lingering since then...went to the doctor again this a couple of days off from work...still I doubt I can drive come Wednesday.
I've been reading articles on arthritis n treatments and diets...well exercise is what I can do at the moment. For a while at least, the pain seems intent to stay. Now not only the knee but the pain has travelled down to the calves...thank God my sister provided some calve stockings and that has brought relief at least when I seleep.Well here' some more reading on arthritis...

Living with Knee Arthritis

There are many forms of arthritis affecting people of every age, especially people over the age of 50, and all are bound to make basic tasks such as walking or writing a letter uncomfortable at best and unbearably painful at worst. Arthritis is an inflammation of bone joints that slowly wears down cartilage, creating inflammation and soreness at the affected joint. One particular form of arthritis that makes moving around difficult is knee arthritis. As the name implies, knee arthritis affects one or both knees, making any sort of pressure or movement on the knee sore or even painful.


Knee arthritis in itself is not a disease ? rather, it’s used to describe the area where any type of arthritis occurs. This illness can be caused by a bacterial infection or fungus, as in the case of septic arthritis, or osteoarthritis, which is caused by bone trauma or old age. Left alone, knee arthritis will worsen and make walking around almost impossible to bear. Firstly, any extended soreness or inflammation of the knee may be a symptom of this illness. If you suspect that you are suffering from knee arthritis, seek a doctor immediately. They may choose several options to diagnose the problem, including but not limited to an X-ray, tissue or blood sample, or a complete physical examination. Within a few days the results from the tests should be analyzed, and then if you do have knee arthritis, the doctor may direct you to a physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon to help formulate a plan to combat the illness.


Don’t worry too much about knee arthritis. If left untreated for a long period of time, it can be debilitating to the point where a patient becomes legally disabled, but many treatments exist to help make sure that this never becomes a reality. Many treatments include exercising as a key component to reducing the pain and swelling and healing the joint. Some of the most popular exercises include gentle swimming motions and walking, and classes exist to help you maximize the potential from each type of exercise. Also, medications can help reduce the pain, not by deadening nerves, but by actually working to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the joint. Sometimes, fluid will also be extracted from the joint to decrease pressure and consequently pain.

Just because you have knee arthritis does not mean you will not be able to live out your life to the fullest. Millions of people have knee arthritis, and with treatment, they are able to live as they always have, driving and walking wherever they please. If they so choose, they can even play sports!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My birthday... birthday arrived last Tuesday...came and went quietly.
Cos' i was attending a meeting in was celebrating alone.
So what now... 53 years it been that long since I started this blog..when i turned 50. Told myself...I'd start living it...and I guess I have been doing just that.

Anyway, this weekend hasn't been that knee has been troubling me for some months now. Last Frriday, it just jammed up. The pain was so bad, i could neiother stand nor walk. So I was bundled into my colleague's car, driven to hospital, had x-rays done and given a jab in the butt, given pain killers and sent home. Nothing wrong with the knee joints..all properly aligned according to the doctor..just the osteo-arthritis pain. So after three days, it hasn't improved...instead the pain has gone down to the painful..I am still limping y way aorrund. But I try to stay off my feet. I can still cycle in the air..and it doesnt hurt that much but it hurts when my feet touch the ground and I try walking.

Guess I will be in no position to drive to work tomorrow. Will be going into hospital again and have no choice but to take some time off. But as they all say, health is wealth and since no one is indispensable, no one will miss me at work.

Thought I read all about osteo-arthritis..guess i missed something there.
oh to bear with the pain and hooe for the best.

To all of you who still have sound knees, take care...

What would my birthday resolutions be now:
- get well and do whatever Iwant to do now...don't put off what I can do today cos, you never know what tomorrow will bring.


Mum's 80th Birthday,Mother’s day, Father’s Day and Birthdays.

Mother’s day, Father’s Day and Birthdays.

Since May, it has been a celebration of sorts. We have Mother’s day, Father’s day and even commercially Parents Day. Why not, life is a celebration of one day or another, in short, every day we should celebrate the fact that we are alive!

A few weekends ago, we celebrated mum’s 80th birthday. Yes mum is 80! Wow. How did she get there? Well she did, and it’s another milestone seeing how her health has been poorly somewhat the last few years. But mum being mum, it was an achievement. So once again we gathered with close family and relatives to dine, wine and celebrate. It’s sad dad couldn’t be with us, but we know he was in spirit.

The dinner at Peking Restaurant, Johor Bharu was nice, meeting up with close ones is always fun and catching up is always great. So once again, it’s exchanging stories and finding out what’s happening in each family’s life. Also when there is a gathering of closed ones and good food, it’s always the case of warmth and exchange of pleasantries. Then, its time to depart with exchanges of goodbyes with promises of meeting up again at another function of sorts. So mum’s birthday celebrated a week early was celebrated with all loved ones near with the exception of my sister who is still in London. Come October, she’ll be back and I am sure we will be celebrating again.

I like these gatherings, but makes me think about life in general. Why bother about the small stuff ? Why get flustered over the unreasonable bosses and pretentious colleaques? Why not just put our best foot forward, and ignore the unreasonable demands? Yes life is too short for all those kinds of things. Great sacrifices are made as I speak, I mean the Bersih movement. People are literally ‘dying’ for justice and political reforms. Why are we still embroiled in office politics, it’s not worth it!

So for the rest of the busy week ahead, I shall be patient and do my part, expect that things will work out in the end. Cheerio.
Happy 80th Birthday mum. Comgratulations! It’s not every day that we get to live till this ripe old age. We look forward to many more years to come.
Love you mum.