Friday, September 12, 2014

I am back!

Dear all,

I have decided I will continue where I left off last year. Time waits for no man and age is certainly catching up on me. There are things I wish to share and write about so I am back.

It really is no joke when they say all pains and aches get worse when you age...yes indeed. the pains in my legs..knees in particuar, my lower back, my neck and list grows. I am on painkillers and doctors are recommending more physio and replacing my joints etc. Another doctor suggested I lose weight first to delay the operations. I kinda agree with that so I am now cutting back on my food...with any luck I might losea few pounds end of the month and beyond.

I know I need to exercise more but my legs and body don't allow me longer than ten minutes each time.
I cycle on my stationary bike but have to be careful as my buttocks feel the strain and my knees feel the pain. But I know I have to go on, if I stop moving, I may find that my joints will all but freeze and soon I will not be able to walk or move, that is my greatest fear. Every morning waking up is a chore, I drag myself off the bed and into the bathroom, the toilet seat seems too low and it really hurts when I get up on my feet. A walk down the stairs increase the agony and my movements all are connected to the pains. But after a couple of panadols..I get moving slowly...getting into the car and driving to work, getting out of the car and then to the office. As the day progresses and the more I move and sit, it gets better but as the day progresses and the painkillers wear off, I need another two to help me get through the day.

By the end of the day, I am absolutely physically tired and the drive home wears me out...the pains are back and after dinner and another couple of panadols...I am back upstairs to get ready for bed. Its the same routine every day. When can I have some better quality of can I manage my pain better? I have looked up almost everything in the internet...soon I will meeting up with another orthopedic doctor to see if anything can be done, beside injecting my knees with Synvsc-1.

I have toyed with the idea of retirement but that doesn't seem to be the option anytime soon, my kids haven't finished school. So I have to make myself better and I believe I will...with weight control and painkillers...I can do it. I intend to travel and  see the world before I go....
To everyone else who are living their lives to the fullest, you are so lucky, keep well and stay heathy.
Without heath, wealth is nothing!

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