Sunday, March 1, 2009

Medical checkup for those above 40 years old…

Yes folks, today I went for a medical checkup at the Tanglin Hospital, for government servants.
There were thirty of us from the same work place. We arrived at 8am (myself and a colleaque, we met some others who had arrived at 7am. Still, we were given numbers during registration, and proceeded to the lab for blood tests. It was followed by height, weight and BMI measurement. Yours truly as confirmed put back the 2 kgs lost before the X’mas holidays and CNY! But my BMI was 25.4 which was slightly above the allowed level of 25. Now, all I have to do is go back to my diet of eating properly and presto before my next appointment I should lose the 2 kgs!
This was followed by an eye and dental examination. My eye-exam made me realize that something also not right with the right eye, so far I only wear glasses that reflected only the left eye which was far-sighted. That’s good I suppose. Then, the dental examination confirmed two chipped teeth on the lower and upper teeth and so that warranted an appointment. I feared for the worst as I often hear tales of appointments at public hospitals and clinics that may take 6 months to a year. Fortunately for me, my next appointment was on 2 April, wow, a month only, not bad at all, considering the number of cases the clinic handles daily. Then it was back to the healthy citizen’s clinic for an appointment to have urine tests and other tests not covered today, plus also the results for the blood tests taken today. A month for the results, oh well, better late than never. Anyway, I managed to put this appointment together with the dental appointment , killing two birds with one stone so to speak, so it will save me time to visit the clinic instead of twice.
So, all in all, considering the number of tests we had to undergo at different locations, three hours was good time. So you see, my colleague and I were back at our workplace by 11am.
I really wanted to have myself checked out this year so this is a good thing. We should all go for a medical checkup as we age..he he…for me and for many others, once past fifty, we really better be looking after ourselves well. I had a similar one done last year, but that included quite a comprehensive one cos’ it was for a well-being and leadership course. I am ready for the appointments in April. In the meantime, its back to a proper diet and exercise plan for me. I really want to see if I can lose that two kgs!


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